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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Menstruation, Pregnancy, Menopause and Teeth

Chapter: What to Expect

Early on, menstruation may cause swollen gums and mouth sores. Later in life, women going through menopause may experience oral problems like pain, burning sensation, altered taste, and dry mouth, as well as bone loss due to osteoporosis, a condition characterized by a decrease in bone mass with decreased density and enlargement of bone spaces.


Pregnant women frequently experience increased oral sensitivity and often suffer inflammation of the gums, or gingivitis, due to hormonal changes. Along with a strict oral hygiene routine, the patient should begin a personal and professional plaque control regimen to treat or prevent gingivitis.

"During pregnancy, women can expect to see changes in their mouth. Gingivitis is common, partly due to hormonal changes," says Academy of General Dentistry spokesperson Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS.
Reviewed: January 2012